Education spaces deserve cleaner air

In response to the Ministry of Education’s publication Indoor Air Quality and Thermal Comfort (2017), we have put together a special flooring package for schools. One of the ministry’s goals is to reduce the amount of airborne particles in classrooms, as air quality has a direct impact on learning outcomes.

Children are more susceptible to effects from particulates than adults are: they breathe higher volumes of air relative to their body weight, and particulate densities are higher at their head height than at an adult’s.

Classrooms are particularly prone to the build-up of particulates due to the high number of children using the enclosed space. Kids track soil and pollen particles in from outside throughout the day, and each child creates a ‘personal cloud’ of skin flakes, clothing fibres, and bioeffluents. Constant movement can resuspend these particles, which then trigger allergies and asthma in sensitive children, reducing their well-being and their ability to concentrate and learn.

Flooring is a key part of creating cleaner air

The right flooring products help in two major ways:

  • Entrance carpets can remove up to 80% of dirt and allergens from the soles of shoes.
  • Carpet tiles trap small particles until the next vacuum clean.

Carpet lowers airborne pollutants in a child’s breathing zone

Breathing Zone

Cicciarelli, Bradley A. CFD Analysis of the Behavior of Airborne Allergens in Carpeted and Uncarpeted Dwellings. Solutia, Inc., Cantonment, FL. 2002.

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Let’s create cleaner air for classrooms…

Step one: entrance carpets

These durable polypropylene entrance carpets are an effective entrance carpet solution to trap soil and moisture walked in on footwear from all directions. Sized right, they will remove up to 80% of dirt from the soles of shoes. Contact us for more information.

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Step two: carpet tiles

Made in France, Tecsom carpet tiles will lead to purer classroom air by trapping particles between vacuum cleans. One square metre of these quality tiles provides the equivalent of 11 square metres of absorbable area. They also come in a range of vibrant colours suitable for education spaces.

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We’ve developed our schools flooring package to make the specification process easier for you. For more information, contact us:

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