Tapisom Modul

Tapisom Modul

Entry Carpet Systems

Tapisom Modul is a compact needle-punched modular entrance matting system designed with flexibility in mind. You can customise Tapisom Modul at entranceways by using more than one of the six colours, and Tapisom Modul can be utilised in other workplace areas if you desire. The needle-punched Polymixed fibre has been constructed so it will not flatten out thus maintaining and retaining the appearance for a long serviceable lifespan.

Tapisom Modul is made with a 100% PVC recycled backing system with inbuilt fibreglass reinforcement to ensure the modules are dimensionally stable and will not cup or curl or shrink or grow. You can create a monolithic appearance if desired as the modules are cut so accurately or if required a quarter turn aesthetic.

Specify Tapisom Modul with confidence to give you an attractive and safe entrance.

Tapisom Modul has the following benefits:

  • Multiple colours provide more design flexibility
  • Heavy duty performance, suitable for high traffic areas
  • Removes dirt and moisture from any direction
  • Effectively traps walked in dirt and moisture
  • Dimensionally stable, will not cup or curl, shrink or grow
  • Slip resistant, mitigates injury from slips and falls
  • Save cleaning costs, easy to clean and maintain
  • Compliant, has been tested and exceeds the NZ flammability requirements
  • Supported by a 10-year manufacturer limited warranty

Tapisom Modul is available in 500 x 500mm tiles.