Box Cross

Box Cross

Flotex Carpet Planks

With Flotex Box Cross planks you can transform a space. With Box Cross every plank is unique. It contains a pattern that subtly changes from cross to box fading one into the other along the length whilst a diagonal texture plays across the width blending the planks together.

 Box Cross planks can be laid random drop and half drop.

Already available in sheet and tile formats, Flotex now offers you the possibility to create and design sophisticated indoor environments with a new series of plank designs of 100×25 cm.

Comfortable & quiet

  • The densely placed fibers (up to 80 million per m2) provide a warm and comfortable surface
  • Excellent sound absorption properties make Flotex an acoustic flooring solution (class A, with >20dB impact sound reduction)
  • Flotex is a comfortable flooring and is easy to walk on
  • The wide range of designs create a pleasing floor covering for any environment

Safe & durable

  • Made from nylon 6.6 fibers Flotex is an indestructible textile
  • Flotex provides a safe environment for all age groups as it avoids tripping or slipping hazards both in dry and wet conditions
  • Flotex meets the HSE wet and dry slip resistance classifications for use on flat surfaces and ramps

33 Wear Resistance
15 Years