Fleet Feet

Published Mar 17, 2017

In the luxury goods market, where granite floors and sterile conditions abound, dust and water can literally take your feet out from under you. Thankfully CoralTread entrance matting eliminates these contaminants before they become an issue.

The luxury car marketing experience starts well before the client gets in the car. It’s a given these days that the surroundings must reflect the values of your brand.

So when your brand is Jaguar and Landrover, your showrooms need to effuse the same understated elegance and dignified resolute performance as the vehicles they protect.

Dunedin agents Armstrong Prestige understood this well, when they fitted out their new showroom with floor to ceiling windows, large inviting entranceways, and granite floors throughout.

But this introduces a very dangerous issue, in that dust and water are equally deadly to such a slick surface.

To overcome this obstacle Armstrong Prestige chose to finish the entranceway with a CoralTread entrance matting system, to remove dust and moisture before it’s trampled inside.

Noted for it’s high quality look and feel, CoralTread is remarkably efficient at removing contaminants, removing a whopping FIVE LITRES of moisture for every square metre of matting. This ensures customers arrive on the polished granite floors, ready to view these iconic marques, totally and absolutely dust and moisture free.

And CoralTread looks the part too. The high quality low-profile matting system is fabricated to order, fitting snugly in the slight recess designed for it in the doorway.

In a slight deviation from conventional entrance matting systems, Armstrong have used our product on both sides of the doorway, creating an additional visual cue leading visitors from the outer lot to the inner sanctum of the showroom.

The outer portion of the entrance matting incorporates Advance ReTread recycled rubber infills, which loosens and strips the larger buildups dirt, grit and moisture, while the inner matting system, incorporating high quality polyamide inserts removes almost all traces of water or dirt.

Thanks to CoralTread, Armstrong have a stylish yet highly efficient barrier to contaminants which could otherwise wreak havoc with it’s pristine surroundings and stock. It adds to the understated luxury, while creating a cleaner and safer showroom. And it will stay that way at least until the showroom is due for it’s next refit.

CoralTread is manufactured and installed by Advance Flooring Systems, NZ’s leading supplier of innovative commercial flooring and entrance matting systems, servicing Australia and the Pacific. For more information please contact us at 10 Harbour Ridge Dr, Wiri, Auckland 2104, New Zealand, Tel: 0508 238 262. Or visit us online at www.advanceflooringsystems.com