CoralTread scores an A+ at Unipol

Published Dec 6, 2016

CoralTread get’s Extra-Cred as it helps students clean up after themselves.

Admit it. Students hate cleaning. But the ingenious architects at Unipol have come up with a way to get the students to do their part in keeping the halls clean. And the best news for everyone is they don’t have to lift a finger to get the job done.

Unipol in Dunedin is a project like no other – at least, it was for Advance Flooring. Our entrance matting adorns the entrance of many southern icons, but few have used it as extensively as this sports training hub for the University of Otago.

The building is well designed to handle the harsh environment and the large numbers of students entering and leaving (usually en masse). It has an extensive wind lobby providing an excellent thermal barrier between the temperatures inside and out. And as you might expect, the wind lobby is fitted entirely with CoralTread by Advance Flooring.

From the moment you walk through the outer doorway set on the side of the wind foyer, our entrance matting gets to work scrubbing your footwear of dirt and moisture, such that when you go through the inner door into the atrium, we’ve removed up to 86% of the contaminants you might otherwise trample inside.

But in defiance of conventional wisdom, the entrance matting at Unipol does not stop at the inner doors.

Our CoralTread flooring extends throughout the spacious main atrium, creating a mesmerizing, yet remarkably well balanced pinstripe effect which complements the wooden slats wrapping around the mezzanine and adorning many of the ground floor walls.

And although you’ll be blown away with the visual impact of the CoralTread lined atrium, the true brilliance lies not in its form, but in its function. Because the cunning architects are using the constant stream of internal traffic to keep the classrooms clean.

Unipol is a fully contained training facility, with classrooms, cafes, and a plethora of small and large training arenas. And throughout the day there’s a constant stream of traffic across the atrium, as students shuttle between activities. And every time they traverse the atrium they’re transmitting dirt and moisture picked up inside the building back out to the atrium.

The impact of the CoralTread is barely discernable to the 1,000’s who use the facilities every day. But cleaner floors cut down injuries and improve air quality, making for a much richer work environment. It’s the ultimate invisible custodian.

CoralTread is manufactured and installed by Advance Flooring Systems, NZ’s leading supplier of innovative commercial flooring and entrance matting systems, servicing Australia and the Pacific. For more information please contact us at 10 Harbour Ridge Dr, Wiri, Auckland