AXIS - the entrance to a new way of learning

Published Feb 22, 2018

The recently completed “Hub” at Unitec’s Mt Albert campus, has resulted in an extensively transformed space. The new hub is a modern and flexible place where students and staff can gather, study, seek support or relax. There is a mix of spaces, ranging from café-style open environments merging with collaborative study areas, semi-enclosed library spaces, study pods overlooking the main space, and enclosed study and meeting rooms.

AXIS by definition, is the intersection between connecting spaces – in this case between the new environment of learning with the rest of the campus.

AXIS is an innovative modular Entrance Matting Solution that compliments the newly transformed spaced and is specifically designed to remove dirt and moisture from all directions to protect the appearance of the flooring surface inside. This in turn, will contribute to significant savings in overall floor cleaning costs. And Axis provides a safer transitional space as it removes water from the soles of footwear which significantly reduces the risk of slips causing injury.

Axis is a proven performer in extremely high pedestrian traffic areas - it is highly durable, effective, easy to install and maintain that provides a seamless entrance to a new way of learning at the Hub.