The Gateway for "The Gateway"

Published Oct 17, 2016

To the city of Invercargill, first impressions mean everything. So they created an airport designed to leave a lasting impression. And your first impression of their first impression will likely occur as you pass over our ExtraTread entrance matting.

Shortly after opening in April this year, the new $13m Invercargill Airport was awarded best regional airport. It was practical and enduring, and had ticked all the boxes for local flavor and charm.

It was a triumph of collaborative thinking, as the Council worked with the people of Invercargill as well as Air New Zealand to ensure that it met not only today’s demands, but also tomorrows.

That meant coping with the skyrocketing passenger numbers passing through the terminal doors, and also the unique southern weather which brings rain in summer and bitter cold and sometimes snow in winter. But rather than acquiesce to the harsh conditions, the Invercargill Airport embraces them, and has created a design to harness the weather.

And a key part to this design is to create an envelope which keeps the weather outside, and the building clean and tidy.

Essential to this strategy was a robust entrance matting system which is not only long lasting and robust enough to withstand trolleys and bags day in and day out, but is also effective in all weather conditions to prevent dirt and moisture being trampled into the terminal. So Architects Warren & Mahoney called on Advance Flooring to provide the optimal solution.

Advance Flooring recommended their Extra-Wide, Extra-Absorbent, and Extra-Safe “ExtraTread” entrance matting system. Advance Entrance matting systems utilize a polyamide insert which carries a European Class 33 Commercial Wear rating, which is the best you can get.

ExtraTread matting systems are installed on both the public and the tarmac entrances to the building, occupying the entire wind-foyer in both cases. These mats measure roughly 4m x 6m and 5m x 7m respectively, to maximize the number of steps visitors take on the matting before entering the building.

Based on our popular CoralTread entrance matting system, ExtraTread features wider carpet inserts with high performance polyamide infills that not only absorb up to 85% of the dirt and moisture tramped through the doors, but are engineered to exceed fire ratings. This results in a surface that’s hard working, easy to maintain, and safer, significantly reducing the risk of slips and spills.

And arguably one of the most important features of ExtraTread is its attractive low-profile design, which adds another facet to the unique design of this gateway project. Like the airport itself, it’s practical and enduring, and makes a great first impression on all visitors.

We’re very proud to point out that arguably the first impressions people will have of the airport will come when they step on our ExtraTread Entrance Matting System.

ExtraTread is manufactured and installed by Advance Flooring Systems, NZ’s leading supplier of innovative commercial flooring and entrance matting systems, servicing Australia and the Pacific. For more information please contact us at 131 Captain Springs Road, Onehunga, Auckland 1061, New Zealand, Tel: 0508 238 262. Or visit us online at