Peak Performance

Published Sep 7, 2016

Going the "Extra" distance.

When you build in a picture postcard setting, every aspect of your design is placed under a fine microscope. And that goes double for public projects, where councils must defend every penny spent.

Such was the case when Wanaka decided to build their state-of-the-art Recreation Centre, which opened its doors in July after 10 years planning and construction.

The centre offers a much-needed multi-purpose hub for sports and recreation in this burgeoning community, with a 250-seat indoor sports hall plus outdoor facilities for hockey, tennis and netball. There’s also function rooms and of course changing and storage facilities.

In other words, this facility caters to a wide variety of patrons, from little league sports teams to black-tie banquets in an alpine setting which throws up some of the harshest weather conditions anywhere in NZ.

It goes without saying that keeping the facility dirt and moisture free is a top priority, and the choice of entrance matting is critical to the success of the building. Having recently completed Warren & Mahoney’s Christchurch offices, their Queenstown-based architects knew us well and trusted us with providing the right solution.

Although we’ve used our industry leading CoralTread range very successfully in many similar buildings around the country, given the extremes of weather and the density of traffic at peak times, Wanaka opted for something with a bit more oomph!

ExtraTread is a prestigious aluminium and carpet strip mat with extra wide intense wear infills designed and engineered with extra absorbing power in mind. They offer a warm and attractive welcome to all guests, and can extract as much as 86% of the dirt and moisture of footwear as people enter. And as you’ll see from the pictures above, Wanaka utilised a generous wind lobby such that visitors step several times on the ExtraTread before entering the building.

ExtraTread offers high levels of safety and performance, exceeding both slip and fire safety regulations. And the ultra low-profile design with stylish interlocking sections make it easy to install and maintain. Both the aluminium frame and the polyamide infills come in a variety of colours to blend in (or contrast) with your interior design.

ExtraTread is manufactured and supplied by Advance Flooring Systems – NZ’s leading supplier of innovative commercial flooring and entrance matting systems with installations throughout Australia and the Pacific. For more information please contact us at 131 Captain Springs Road, Onehunga, Auckland 1061, New Zealand, Tel: 0508 238 262.