Fashionable French Accents

Published Aug 8, 2016

How flooring becomes an expression of sustainability and style.

As any good service company knows, because people can’t intuitively gauge your success from the quality of what you produce, they sub-consciously judge you on the tangible signals you send out – your clothes, your cars, your offices. That’s why corporate lawyers spend so lavishly on their waterfront premises, and even why McDonalds invests so much in maintaining crisp modern outlets.

And in today’s business environment, our instinctive judgement has become refined to the point where it’s no longer enough just to look good – to be considered a smart operator your building must perform well too.

AXA Assurance, which is one of Europe’s largest insurance conglomerates, know this well.

Before moving into their new Paris HQ, AXA extensively modified the building inside and out to make it more sustainable and livable for it’s inhabitants. They put function first, but they still cared deeply about style.

It’s no surprise really that they chose Sorona Greenpad carpet tiles for flooring throughout their offices. The maize-based fibre is not only sustainably produced, but highly robust, and offers a wide range of colours and textures to suit all tastes.

Rather than choosing one of the textured variants, AXA chose Rondo, which is a flat, flecked tile boasting a range of 48 vibrant colours. The dominant shade used was a light grey, which accentuated the crisp white walls, and cues for the highlights came from a variety of sources – monotones to match the art on the wall, browns to match the desk-tops, and bright colours to match the soft furnishings. Even the use of darker greys drew inspiration from the mosaic of shadows cast across the room.

The end result is a delightfully light and vibrant atmosphere, which will be a pleasure to work in for years to come.

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