Architects and Designers – join us at Paradigm Shift

Published Apr 22, 2016

Architects and Designers – join us at the fourth free Paradigm Shift event in May 2016.

You’ll enjoy a wonderful evening featuring excellent wine, beer, and canapés; we’ll be displaying our latest products and technology alongside other industry-leading Event Partners; culminating in a fascinating presentation from the international keynote speaker, John Klein.

“The intersection of design, engineering and science will yield some of the most innovative paradigm shifts during the 21st century – particularly for the built environment” – John Klein

John’s led a remarkable career to date, including working alongside (the sadly very recently departed) Zaha Hadid for five years, as well as running his own research practice in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

He’s a great fit for Paradigm Shift – just the right amount of technical understanding underpinned by crazy ambitions and strange and wonderful projects!

Paradigm Shift is proudly supported by industry-leading partners who are excited to present their very latest Research & Development, New Technology, New Systems, New Thinking, and New Ideas for our industry!

Join us at a Tauranga, Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, or Queenstown venue.

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