The Classiest "Ground and Pound" Around

Published Mar 11, 2016

In the not-too-distant past, engineering firms were all about poring over blueprints on a muddy site in a singlet and hob-nailed boots. And even in this millennium, where you’re more likely to find your lead engineer in the boardroom with the client hunched over the latest BIM analysis, the hob-nailed boots are probably still in the cupboard behind him (or her) ready for the next site visit.

In furnishing the new Christchurch headquarters for Harrison & Grierson, Unispace were tasked with providing a floor-covering which took this unusual job requirement into account.

Unispace chose Stuttgart Carpet Tiles by Advance Flooring Systems to cover the 1,800 sqm floorplan. This multi-level loop nylon carpet is classified for “Heavy Commercial” traffic and passes all relevant standards for both smoke and flammability. It also includes “ultra-fresh” anti-microbial properties to ensure the office environment stays pure. It’s backed with PVC and fiberglass, making it incredibly strong and durable.

But most important, it looks great. The 500mm x 500mm tiles come in 12 varieties, and can be laid in five different configurations, giving very different context to your spaces.