Blooming Masterpiece

Published Sep 19, 2017

The conservatory complex at the Christchurch Botanical Gardens is an eclectic mix of contemporary architecture dating back as far as the 1920’s and is a key tourist attraction for Christchurch. So when, in 2009, Pattersons won a design pitch to add a new visitor centre to the complex, this was already a key project for the city. And the subsequent earthquake elevated this project to a civic monument, surrounding it in publicity as it was one of the first council initiatives to be unveiled in the all new Christchurch.

But the council faced a real dilemma when it came to providing a clean and dry environment inside the conservatory. It’s not just dirt and dust that could be trampled in, but mud, grass clippings and contaminants accumulating on shoes as visitors peruse the gardens outside.

So the architects opted for a Revolving Door, which allows for maximum traffic flow with minimum disruption to the airflow, coupled with arguably the most robust entry matting system on the market today.

It was Advance’s job to install StarTread entrance matting systems in and around the Revolving Door.

StarTread is an attractive strip mat with coir-like long-life polypropylene infills and aluminium tread rails. The infills provide optimum dirt and moisture removal, and the aluminium tread rails are specially designed to eliminate heel traps and improve traction in all conditions. Shock absorbing vinyl cushion feet run continuously from side-to-side underneath to eliminate mat clatter and improve comfort.

An important consideration was that StarTread mats can be made any shape and size without losing structural integrity. So the matting could be shaped around the circumference of the revolving door with ease.

StarTread is ideal for intense-wear locations like shopping centres, institutions, schools and hostels.