Art in Motion – CoralTread Flooring by Advance Flooring Systems

Published Feb 10, 2016

Len Lye was always exploring how to use external energy to add new dimensions to his artwork. So we think he’d approve of the CoralTread entrance matting system installed in the building bearing his name.

As one of NZ’s most celebrated Artists, Lye was an advocate of kinetic sculpture, or as he called it “art in motion”. His sculptures interacted with their environment to add new and ever-changing facets for viewers to behold. And the building erected in his honour in his home-town of New Plymouth is possibly one of the most striking iconic structures ever to be built on NZ shores. Designed by cutting edge architects Pattersons, it’s “Like a Lye sculpture, the shimmering stainless steel façade is a striking and provocative expression of movement.”

The Len Lye Centre is conservatively expected to have 100,000 visitors a year pass through it’s doors, and the first thing every one of those visitors will do is take 3-4 steps on our CoralTread entrance matting system. This motion across our matting is designed to remove up to 86% of the dirt and dust that might otherwise be trampled through the gallery. And in a building which is expected to cost anywhere from $200,000 – $650,000 per year to maintain, this is going to have a significant downward push on operating expenses.

But it’s not just hard working. This Art Gallery is itself a masterpiece, and everything is designed to reflect Lye’s philosophies and vision. So our entrance matting is not purely functional, it’s also attractive and durable. CoralTread uses an aluminium strip design, made to measure, separated by Zeno Protect Excellence polyamide infill, and placed on a shock-absorbing vinyl cushion. It is ideal for use in high-profile, high-density traffic areas such as shopping malls, schools, airports and hotels.

And although Len Lye lived for the latter part of his life abroad, he bequeathed much of his work back to New Plymouth. So we think he’d be proud to know that the NZ-designed and manufactured entrance matting system adorning his building was also being discovered and embraced on the world market.