Newsworthy: Broadening the Footprint

Published Jan 26, 2016

Mediaworks were justifiably proud of their new Christchurch office which opened in 2014. Designed by Jasmax, Three35 was one of the first large commercial buildings to come on line post-quake, and had a number of innovations to enhance safety and comfort for its occupants.

Perhaps one of the lesser talked about innovations was the inclusion of CoralTread entrance matting systems. Far from detracting from the vision of the architects, CoralTread is an integral part of the design and liveability of the building.

Mediaworks has a lot of foot traffic in and out of their offices, and needed a robust barrier to dust and dirt trampled in from outside. So they specified an entrance matting system that not only enhanced the up-market appeal of their shiny new abode, but also kept the carpets clean. The answer came in our custom designed ultra-low-profile CoralTread entrance matting.

While guidelines suggest a minimum of three steps on CoralTread to clear up to 86% of the dirt and grime which might otherwise be trampled in, Mediaworks opted for around 2m of matting, or roughly 4-5 steps. We used powder-coated anodized aluminium strips which complemented the much-talked-about exterior of the building, separated by Zeno Protect Excellence polyamide infills and placed on a shock-absorbing vinyl cushion.

CoralTread is an attractive addition to any entranceway, and ideal for use in high density traffic areas such as shopping malls, schools, airports and hotels. We expect this silent barrier will dramatically reduce the costs of maintaining Mediaworks offices clean and comfortable.