Altered Elements

Published Jan 11, 2016

Knox Presbyterian Church in Christchurch had stood for 135 years before being extensively damaged in the 2011 earthquake. But now, four years and 12 million dollars later, the church stands as testament to the community and the congregation who were determined to see their church returned to it’s former glory.

Under the careful guidance of architects Wilkie & Bruce, much of the restoration has stayed as true as possible to the original, but there have been certain concessions to incorporate upgrades using modern materials and methods. And one of the first things churchgoers will notice is the CoralTread entrance matting system located in the new wind-lobby.

Upon entering the main doors the patrons find themselves in a glass enclosed airlock which protects against the bitter southerly winds blustering outside in winter. And as they traverse this wind-lobby, our CoralTread mats draw the moisture and dirt off their footwear keeping the interior clean and dry. And at around 2m from outer door to inner door, the wind-lobby allows for 3-4 steps on the carpet, thereby optimizing the cleansing effect of the CoralTread system.

CoralTread uses an aluminium strip design, made to measure, separated by Zeno Protect Excellence polyamide infills, and placed on a shock-absorbing vinyl cushion. It is an attractive addition to any entranceway, and ideal for use in high density traffic areas such as shopping malls, schools, airports and hotels.