The Invisible Barrier – Axis Entrance Matting

Published Dec 2, 2015

In NZ’s newest mall Axis Entrance Matting is the secret to keeping the elements out.

Auckland’s brand new Northwest Mall on the outskirts of the city heralds a next generation in retail malls. Designed to optimise function as well as form, it must contend with millions of shoppers pouring through the doors each year, trampling in dirt and moisture and whatever else the NZ weather wants to throw at them.

The sheer volume of shoppers posed a major concern for designers “The Buchan Group”.  One of the keys to effectively maintaining this mall is keeping the elements out. And equally as important, maintaining safe, dry and unimpeded access for shoppers, many of whom are on high heels. To solve these problems The Buchan Group turned to Advance Flooring Systems, who have 40 years’ experience with entry matting systems in NZ.

Advance Flooring Systems have a wide variety of entrance matting systems, from super absorbent to simple mats. For Northwest Mall, where the entrance matting needs to look as good as it performs, they chose Axis Entrance Matting. Axis is an interlocking modular entrance matting system with highly water-absorbent, intense wear infills. The modular design allows the tiles to be cut to shape and size onsite for easy installation. It’s robust, and needs little attention, but the modular system means individual panels can be changed out with relative ease if necessary.

The safety of Axis matting is unbeatable. It is anti-slip in all conditions, specially designed to eliminate heel traps, and is wheelchair compliant when used with the correct matwell system.

To act as an effective barrier, your entrance matting should extend for at least three paces from the entry. Under these conditions Axis matting absorbs around 85% of moisture and dirt off the shoes. And as you can see from the pictures, Northwest Mall has exceeded this buffer zone to ensure their mall floors stay as clean as possible.

It’s early days for Northwest Mall, but with more than 50,000 people through on opening day, you start to appreciate the work the Axis matting will perform every day for years to come. Axis matting is ideal for high density foot traffic entranceways, including shops, malls, hotels, offices, hospitals, airports and schools.