New Dimensions in Flooring

Published Nov 5, 2015

When Dimension Data consolidated its three Auckland business groups into one downtown harbourfront location, they were creating a new home for up to 350 northern region staff. The new office was high-profile, on the doorsteps of it’s major clients and technology partners, but was also very practical.

The relocation and fitout was managed by Platform Consulting Group who recognized the need for a durable and efficient flooring system for high traffic areas. They selected two products from Advance Flooring to handle two specific functions:

ExtraTread Entrance Matting System

Almost right on the harbours edge, the right entry matting system is critical to maintaining a clean and dry interior. ExtraTread is an up-market aluminium and carpet strip mat with extra wide polyamide infills and an ultra-low design. Dirt is trapped in specially corrugated rails and the extra width of the heavy wear infills provides an additional 37 percent of clean-off and drying power than other comparable mats. Molded continuous vinyl cushion feet eliminate mat noise.

Recycled Rubber Flooring – Black

The durability, flexibility, safety, comfort, slip resistance and aesthetic appeal of Neoflex™ EPDM/recycled rubber flooring made it the perfect solution for walkways, ramps and high traffic areas. Used around the world in public buildings such as airports and art galleries, Neoflex™ is an environmentally friendly covering for areas subject to heavy wear, for both indoor and outdoor commercial flooring applications.

Our products perform to the highest standards for Dimension Data, taking care of all the elements can throw at them. It’s ironic that our products will probably never be noticed, yet they’re protecting the people inside the building, and making their daily routines that much more bearable. It’s not so much that we’re on the team – the team’s on us!