No Mean Feet!

Published Oct 19, 2015

In the modern office, ergonomics are all the rage. And stand-up desks are becoming more and more prevalent. But as you can appreciate, standing for long periods of time can be quite exhausting, and that can impact your productivity and staff well-being.

So if you’ve swapped your seat for your feet, have you done anything to ease the effects of standing relatively motionless for a few hours or more?

Imagine if you traded in your seat for a concrete or wooden bench, or (if your floor is a typical office floor) for a felt-lined concrete pad. Because that’s exactly what you’re doing to your feet by standing on the floor.

The answer is, you want to cushion your feet – relieve stress and pain points in your back, legs and feet – with our ergonomically designed Stand-up Desk Mats.

We’ve got two ranges to choose from – Energise, and Enhance…

Both feature a high density foam cushion, but the Energise range is slightly smaller in size and fabric covered, while the larger Enhance range features a durable PVC coating finish.

We’d be delighted to demonstrate to you the health and productivity benefits of using a Stand-Up desk mat. Call us any time to arrange an appointment.