Making the right entrance

Published Aug 11, 2015

Since 1976 Advance Flooring has focused on providing entrance matting solutions that improve safety and appearance and help reduce maintenance to commercial buildings right across New Zealand.

In this fast paced life we live people entering a building do not often stop and wipe their feet so it’s important that an entrance mat is long enough to ensure there are enough contacts between the entry matting and the soles of shoes to minimise the amount of dirt carried into the building. The New Zealand Building Code’s recommendation is that a mat should have a minimum dimension of 1.8m from front to back which allows for 2 contacts of each foot. Refer Acceptable Solution D1/AS1 Access Routes, Building Industry Authority.

Studies have proven that fitting an entrance with a 6 metre depth of an effective matting solution is enough to stop 94% of all walked in dirt and moisture. Cleaning Research International has proven that maintenance is 86% of the total life cycle cost of your floorcovering. By stopping 94% of walked in dirt and moisture you can reduce your cleaning costs by 65% and extend the life of your floorcoverings.

Advance Flooring offers a comprehensive selection of entrance matting and critically these systems have been designed and made in New Zealand for our unique weather conditions. All systems are backed by our 100% Customer Satisfaction guarantee and comply with all fire and slip standard requirements.

AMI Takanini an award winning fit out has used CoralTread, our most popular Entrance Matting System as its front line of defence in keeping the store interior looking as good as new for years to come.