Environmentally Sound

Published Jun 8, 2015

A Case Study for Environmental Choice New Zealand, by Advance Flooring.

With a commitment to responsible corporate citizenship, this flooring business sought solutions to offer their customers a product that has low environmental impact. The product, GreenPad carpet tiles made from Sorona®, recently received the Environmental Choice label. The ecolabel requirements take into account the product’s environmental impact based on the product’s life-cycle.

Initiative: Advance Flooring wanted to offer customers a sustainable carpet option

Licensee: Advance Flooring

Environmental Choice Label: Synthetic Carpets (EC-33-14)

ECNZ Role: Provide the specifications, support and auditing

Commitment to sustainability
Advance Flooring has a commitment to responsible corporate citizenship, with flooring solutions that offer the lowest negative impact to the environment. A spokesperson for Advance Flooring says that the step toward providing a sustainable product was partially taken out of necessity.

The challenge
When Auckland flooring business Advance Flooring began receiving customer requests for a more sustainable product, they realised that they needed to be able offer options to meet customer demand.

The spokesperson says, “Some customers want environ-mentally labelled products to suit their requirements. We wanted to be able to offer a sustainable option for customers demanding environmentally labelled products. If someone is building a green star building and they require environmentally-friendly products for the build, we need to be able to meet that demand.”

Responding to demand
As the trend toward sustainable products and services grows, so will customer demand. Manufacturers and distributors will continue to move to reduce the environ-mental impacts of their products. In response to that demand, Advance Flooring offers their customers a sustainable carpet option whose production reduces greenhouse gas emissions by more than 60 percent.

The product
The GreenPad carpet tiles made from Sorona® contain 37 per cent renewably sourced, plant-based content by weight. The carpet tile is manufactured from Dupont Sorona® fibre which is produced overseas.

The Advance Flooring spokesperson says that although grouped in the polyester family*, Sorona® outperforms the typical polyester. The production of Sorona® uses 30 per cent less energy and reduces green-house gas emissions by 63 per cent compared to nylon 6.

And when compared to nylon 6.6, production uses 40 per cent less energy and reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 56 per cent. What’s more, no added chemical treatments are used for stain resistance.

Tips & Ideas
  • Advance Flooring responded to the needs of their customers by seeking the Environmental Choice label as robust proof of their products reduced environ-mental impact.
  • When using the Environ-mental Choice label, make sure to clearly reference the specific products that have met the standards and have the label.
  • Reference your licensed products in marketing promotional materials such as your product brochures and annual reports.
About Advance Flooring
Established in 1976, the family business offers a range of leading-edge commercial flooring products sourced from around the globe. Grouped under their Floorculture brand, the products include carpet tiles, recycled rubbers, sheet rubber flooring, studded rubber tiles and woven vinyl. The Advance Flooring products can be found in corporate offices, education and government spaces, to hospitality, retail, residential and more.