Clasica Studded Rubber Used as a Feature on Library Stairs

Published Jun 3, 2015

The recently opened Kaiapoi Library has a stunning staircase featuring Advance Flooring Clasica Studded Rubber as insets.

The opening of this new library is a significant milestone in the recovery of Kaiapoi from the devastating Canterbury Earthquakes.

Architects Warren & Mahoney have co-organised a number of key civic facilities under one roof, creating a ‘living room’ and meeting point for the community in a single building. Significantly, this building’s site at the very heart of Kaiapoi afforded a unique opportunity to address the broader desires and objectives identified by the town plan.

Clasica Studded Rubber Flooring from Advance Flooring has been used as insets in the main staircase as well as some of the surrounding areas. The use of rubber on stairs is a great choice as slip resistance is a natural characteristic of rubber.

The acoustic characteristics of Clasica Studded Rubber tiles contribute to reduce sound transmission and vibration in a closed environment.

Clasica Studded Rubber Tiles are manufactured with high quality rubber that do not contain PVC, phtalates, asbestos nor organochlorine compounds.

Advance Flooring has a range of colours in stock with a much broader range available from the manufacturer.

Protecting this impressive building from walked-in moisture, grit and dirt is the popular CoralTread Entrance Matting from Advance Flooring.