Tough, attractiveTough, attractive and sustainable carpet tiles create an amazing space and sustainable carpet tiles create an amazing space

Published Apr 28, 2015

Advance Flooring’s range of GreenPad Dupont Sorona carpet tiles gave a New Zealand vehicle workshop the desired edge in performance, style and sustainability.

GreenPad DuPont Sorona carpet tiles have been installed at Auto Transform, a leading New Zealand provider in vehicle transformation solutions.

The DuPont Sorona fibre used in Greenpad commercial-grade carpet tiles offers exceptional durability, permanent stain resistance and a beautiful design. Made in part from sustainably produced plant fibres, Sorona can help businesses meet sustainability goals without sacrificing performance or design.

The high molecular weight and quality of DuPont Sorona provides good fibre uniformity during extrusion, creating a softer, more crush-resistant and durable fibre that is perfect for high foot-traffic areas.

Suitable for commercial carpet tiles, Sorona provides durability equal to or better than nylon products that have traditionally been used in commercial-grade carpets.

By incorporating renewably sourced ingredients instead of those made with petrochemicals, Sorona helps reduce global dependency on oil. What’s more, the production of Sorona uses 30% less energy and reduces CO2 emissions by 63% compared with the production of an equal amount of Nylon 6.

Specifiers will appreciate the easy-care benefits of carpet tiles made with Sorona. Sorona makes carpets easy to clean as permanent stain and bleach resistance are built into the fibre, while it also has built-in UV resistance to keep carpets looking great after years of harsh sunlight.

Commercial carpet tiles made with Sorona delivers sustainability, performance and design benefits that are hard to beat as demonstrated by this project.

Advance Flooring Company is proud to bring to the New Zealand market commercial carpet tiles made with Dupont Sorona fibre.