Inside the Greenest Office Space in Asia with GreenPad Carpet Tiles

Published Apr 25, 2015

Stepping into Glumac’s new office space in Shanghai, China you possibly won’t notice too much out of the ordinary, but the engineering firm’s office is the first to apply for Living Building Challenge project certification in Asia and is almost certainly the most sustainable office space on the continent.

This fit out is totally energy, water and carbon neutral, has composting toilets and an indoor air monitoring system.

On the floor are GreenPad Carpet Tiles, these tiles which Advance Flooring is proud to bring to the New Zealand markets are made with DuPont Sorona fibre. Sustainably produced plant fibres such as Maize make up 37% of DuPont Sorona fibre effectively revolutionizing the carpet tile industry by combining sustainability and performance benefits like never before.

Producing Sorona uses 30% less energy and reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 63% compared to producing an equal amount of nylon 6. Compared to an equal amount of nylon 6.6, the production of Sorona uses 40% less energy and reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 56%. What’s more, no additional chemical treatments are used for stain resistance.

Sorona offers permanent stain resistance that’s built right into the fibre. Even tough stains like mustard, tomato sauce, coffee and red wine will not penetrate carpets made with Sorona. Carpets made with Sorona are bleach and UV resistant to reduce fading.

The unique structure of Sorona makes carpet incredibly durable. Carpets made with DuPont Sorona resist crushing because the fibres are crush resistant and retain their shape and texture—step after step, year after year. This high level of carpet durability is perfect for commercial spaces.

The backing of GreenPad carpet tiles are Mix-Bac – an innovative backing that uses recycled PET bottles – 48 bottles per 1m2. In addition to achieving a high Eco-content in this backing system, it has the added advantage of noise reduction, a softer underfoot feeling and assisting with heating and cooling insulation properties.

In today’s commercial spaces, beauty is simply not enough. That’s why sustainable Sorona will help designers, architects and building owners achieve environmental credits with your projects.

With an increasing range of styles and patterns Advance Flooring are excited to be part of yet another innovative commercial flooring solution and combined with their experience of supplying flooring across New Zealand since 1976 have the ability to help you deliver a world class project.