Entrance Matting for New Zealand Weather Conditions

Published Sep 1, 2014

Advance Entrance Matting Systems can be easily personalised to suit your design, being designed and manufactured right here in New Zealand to suit our weather conditions we also have the ability to ‘colour’ your mat. The aluminium profiles in our mat can be powdercoated or anodised to any colour to suit whatever surrounding finishes you desire.

We are finding that this is giving architects and designers the choice of making the mat a feature by utilising a bright or contrasting colour or the choice of fading it into the floor to compliment the surrounding decor.

The recently completed Ashburton Art Gallery proudly situated on State Highway 1 has our popular CoralTread installed mat with all aluminium anodised Black.

To discuss how we can help you enhance and protect your design with New Zealand’s favourite matting systems please contact us.