Rephouse Recycled Rubber Flooring

Published Apr 17, 2014

Safety is the number one concern of commercial flooring applications. Rephouse Recycled Rubber Flooring is compliant with ISO9239-1 fire standards, provides excellent slip-resistance, fire behaviour and smoke emission, assuring safety in the work place and public areas.

Recycled Rubber flooring has a number of excellent features to enhance the look, feel and life of your floor. Rephouse commercial and recreational flooring is an environmentally friendly, homogeneous EPDM/recycled rubber floor covering for areas subject to heavy wear. The durability, flexibility, safety, comfort, slip-resistance and aesthetic appeal makes Rephouse an ideal solution for both indoor and outdoor commercial flooring applications.

All Rephouse commercial rubber flooring product is made with raw materials that are not known to pose any hazard to the environment or to people during the manufacturing and handling process.

Rephouse Recycled Rubber is free of asbestos, free of halogens and free of PVC.

Advance Flooring Company is proud to represent Neoflex Recycled Rubber in New Zealand.