Aluminium entrance matting – a GreenTag choice

Published Jul 19, 2019

Global GreenTag-certified entrance matting systems for the new generation of sustainable buildings in Wynyard Quarter.

A sophisticated entry lobby greets workers and visitors at the 17,000-square-metre Datacom Building in Auckland’s Innovation Precinct. The 5 Green Star Design–rated building was designed by Architectus as part of a new generation of sustainable commercial buildings featuring a careful choice of materials and the latest technology in energy and water conservation. 

With each system considered for its sustainability credentials, our Global GreenTag-certified CoralTread entrance matting was the choice for the building’s wind lobbies. Aluminium is a recyclable material and we have a take-back scheme for all our aluminium flooring systems. In addition to whole-of-life thinking, CoralTread also complies with GreenTag’s health and ecotoxicity benchmarks.

CoralTread is a low-profile entrance matting system designed to provide optimum dirt and moisture removal from the soles of shoes. The treadrail colour can be customised, and at Datacom the aluminium has been anodised black to match the joinery. 

Within the Innovation Precinct, there is a focus on easy connectivity and collaboration within buildings, between public spaces, and between other private and government sites in the neighbourhood. Matting systems like CoralTread assist in creating efficient and seamless entrance and exit spaces serving high foot traffic. 

As a ‘background’ product, entrance matting needs to passively clean shoes so staff and clients can move safely through and between buildings. CoralTread’s combination of polyamide nylon inserts and aluminium treadrails is designed to minimise moisture, dirt and grit entering the building. Floors are kept drier and cleaner for safety from slips and to reduce surface wear and tear from foot traffic.


Project: Datacom, Auckland
Architects: Architectus
Writer: Folio
Photographer: Mark Scowen

Tags: black anodised entrance mattingaluminium